Addresses and Overviews December 22, 2009

Overnight Stays in Linz: Hotels and Guest Houses

The hotels and guest houses with rooms in the metropolitan area in the city of Linz in a sortable table containig rates and distances to the center of Linz. …read more

Gift Ideas, Lifestyle December 17, 2009

Flowers for the Christmas Table

Flowers for the Christmas TableCloudy, foggy, gray on gray – this is currently our environment. A treat for mind and soul during this time creates a bouquet of flowers in your own four walls. Therefore it should not be missing at the Christmas banquet table as a colorful focal point. One kind of flowers leads sales charts: Poinsettia. …read more

Gift Ideas December 16, 2009

Christmas Idea for People from Linz: Gift Certificates

Geschenk-Gutscheine für LinzerWhat in the 60s began with the Palmer’s gift coins ( “Good for 10 shillings”) is no more just a embarrassed present: GIFT CERTIFICATES. They stand on top of many wish lists and they offer the guarantee not to give something unseemly. Because of the many kinds of gift certificates you now have to think carefully about what type of voucher you make as a gift. The Palmer’s gift coins are still available:


…read more

Events December 15, 2009

Silvester in Linz – Jahreswechsel 2009/2010
New Year’s Eve in Linz – 2009/2010

Silvester in Linz zum Jahreswechsel 2010Der letzte Tag des Kulturhauptstadtjahres Linz 09 wird auf dem Linzer Hauptplatz noch einmal gebührend gefeiert. Beginnend mit der Linzer Band SHY (22:00 – 22:45) folgen ab 23:15 Electronica und Jazz mit dem Wiener Produzenten WALDECK. Höhepunkt nach dem Silvesterfeuerwerk zu den Klängen des Donauwalzers sind dann ab 00:30 RUSSKAJA, die schon beim Kronefest im Sommer 2009 (trotz Regen) den Linzern, egal ob jung oder alt, richtig einheizten.

The last day of the year, ( and of Linz 09 Capital of Culture) will be celebrated on the main square of Linz. Starting with the Linz band SHY (22:00 to 22:45) followed at 23:15 by electronica and jazz with the Viennese producer WALDECK. Peak at 00:30 after the New Year’s Eve fireworks (to the sounds of the Danube Waltz) will be RUSSKAJA who already pleased the people of Linz at the “Kronefest” in summer 2009 (despite the rain). …read more

Attractions December 12, 2009

Christ Child Market and Christmas Market

Advent at the Christkindlmarkt in LinzPre-Christmas festivity you can enjoy at the “Christkindlmark” (Christ Child Market) in Linz. In the coherent light atmosphere the small shopping spree will become a sensual experience. A warm punch at the end will take care of the internal heat. The Christmas market is opened until 24 December, daily from 10:00 to 20:00. …read more